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Katsuyama Pharmaceuticals K.K

Dedicated To Discovering Sustainable Solutions For Health
And Environmental Wellbeing.

Katsuyama Pharmaceuticals is proud to be a part of the mother concern Extrovis,
a global integrated pharmaceutical company.

Know Us Better

At Katsuyama Pharmaceuticals, quality health and living are a responsibility we take very seriously.

Every day we’re helping healthcare providers treat people across the world with our development of niche and differentiated finished-dose pharmaceutical products that range from tablets, capsules, granules, ointments and creams to syrups and dry syrups. We work tirelessly to produce new drugs and treatments – basically, resources that are better, smarter and deliver complete health across the world. 

What We Offer

We invest in high quality development and regulatory solutions to build novel specialty medicines and biological products.

Our Products







Dry Syrups


Ointments and Creams

Our Promise

We understand that behind every product we develop, there is a person in need of care and support. With this in mind, we prioritise empathy, compassion, and patient well-being in everything we do. Our goal is not only to provide effective treatments but also to ensure that patients feel valued, understood, and empowered throughout their healthcare journey.

Quality Production

We are deeply committed to delivering high-quality healthcare services. We recognise the significant responsibility we bear in improving people's well-being and enhancing their quality of life.

We consistently push boundaries by harnessing advanced resources and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. We are passionately committed to promoting environmentally friendly practices across our operations. Together, we strive to provide comprehensive health solutions that positively impact lives throughout the world.

Backed by Advanced
Scientific Research

At Katsuyama Pharmaceuticals, our passion for scientific breakthroughs and our dedication to improving healthcare for patients drive us forward.

We fully embrace the scientific approach, ensuring that all our products are backed by advanced scientific research and supported by rigorous evidence. When you choose our products, you are selecting the result of our unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and the betterment of patient care.

Sustainable Healthcare Solutions

We cannot continue to improve our health at the cost of the environment. For us, creating sustainable, greener materials with minimal environmental impact is a challenge we’re happy to take on every single day. 

Our comprehensive suite of environmental safety assessments is driven by a team that is as dedicated to minimising carbon footprint as it is to developing healthcare materials. 

So, breathe easy knowing that we are safeguarding the planet as well as your health.